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Life After Dental Implants: What You Need to Know

Posted Jul 13th, 2022 in Cosmetic

Your dentist has told you about the dental implants procedure - but what about after your operation? Today, our Prince Albert dentists explain what to expect from life after implants.

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Do braces hurt?

Posted Jun 15th, 2022 in Cosmetic

Wondering if having braces hurts? Our Prince Albert dentists tell you how to avoid pain during and after having braces.

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What actually happens when you get your teeth whitened?

Posted May 18th, 2022 in Cosmetic

You have seen other people get excellent results from teeth whitening, and now you are wondering if you can benefit from this cosmetic treatment. Today, our Prince Albert dentists talk about the teeth whitening process and how it may be able to make your smile brighter. 

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How long does teeth whitening actually last?

Posted Apr 20th, 2022 in Cosmetic

In this post, our Prince Albert dentists talk about the at-home and in-office teeth whitening methods and the elements that will contribute to your results, including how long they may last.

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Are dental implants the right choice for me?

Posted Mar 23rd, 2022 in Cosmetic

Considering dental implants as a tooth replacement option? Our Prince Albert dentists explain exactly what they are, and the advantages and disadvantages of this common procedure.

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Are dental veneers permanent?

Posted Feb 23rd, 2022 in Cosmetic

Dental veneers can be used to help various aesthetic problems, but how long do they last? Here, our Prince Albert dentists explain the purpose of this dental restoration and the factors that contribute to their longevity.

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What are my options for teeth whitening?

Posted Jan 12th, 2022 in Cosmetic

Are you looking to make your smile lighter? Today, our Prince Albert dentists discuss different teeth whitening options as well as the possible effects they may have, to help you determine which option may be best for you.

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